5-Min Face Massage

faceyoga My skin care routine has almost 10 different steps in the morning and in the evening. I am obsessed with the condition of my own skin (and everybody else's too). Having a good skin has always been important to me since skin is your biggest organ after all. The signs that your skin can give to you tell you about your overall health. Especially when my atopic eczema flared up few years ago quite badly, I had to change my focus. It's not just the lotions and serums you use but also your nutrition and even emotions.

On my YouTube channel you can find my beauty yoga videos and my skin care videos and this last Wednesday I uploaded a new face massage video. I perform my favorite massaging techniques on the video and it's only five minutes long! The techniques I show are some that I try to use on daily basis but at least once a week I will dedicate the time and do the full routine.

In this routine there all the movements will rejuvenate, improving your circulation and simply making you feel better. And at the same time you will get the anti-age benefits too!

In this routine I use argan oil. You may choose your favorite oil or moisturizer to do the routine. Just remember to have well cleansed face and you are ready to massage! At the end of the video there is a "yoga face" -move that includes a breathing technique.

The time dedicated to massage your face should be something you get to enjoy, not to feel like it is a chore. Please watch my video, try the routine and tell me what you think!