Berry Ginger Smoothie


A fresh smoothie to fight the flu that tastes yummy! I recently collaborated with the Ginger People who offer a wide range of ginger products (all organic!). I created my own smoothie recipe using their products. The magic ingredient here is the Ginger Juice which adjusts the flavour of your smoothie. Depending how strong you want it to be, just add more. If you are not used to the ginger flavour I would recommend beginning with small doses.

I also included the syrup and bits but those are not necessary to get the smoothie right. I must say that I have used the ginger syrup with pancakes, chicken and in my tea after discovering it so I would recommend checking it out, too.


The Recipe

1 banana 1 cup raspberries 1 cup blueberries 2dl (6.7 oz) almond milk 1dl (3.4 oz) Ginger Juice

Decoration 1 tbsp Ginger Syrup 1 tbsp Ginger Bits 1 slice of lemon

I uploaded a video of the mixing process on my channel so check it out if you wish. Click here.

All products by the Ginger People are organic so check them out!

FOODMarinka Essel