Updates, hello!

marinkayoga I opened this website+blog marinkaessel.com at the end of summer. I was writing my blog under the domain klaaqu.com until 2014 November and after that my blog was under the FitFashion blog portal for a year. Only now have I finally received my old entries in a zip folder and I can start the moving process under this domain (if I want to). Also I updated my Bloglovin and moved all my old followers from klaaqu under the marinkaessel domain. This is why I am writing this entry because most of my followers might not be aware that I even made a new blog.

I am active on my YouTube. Every Wednesday there is a new video. The themes being yoga, mind and beauty. I would like to replace the "yoga theme" with a "body", because I believe that you don't have a beautiful body without a beautiful mind. The idea of a beautiful mind is what everyone has personally developed. Inside a beautiful mind you build yourself and the inner growth happens.

Beauty is in many shapes and forms but a beautiful body is the kind in which you feel good in. Beautiful body takes care of the mind by practicing mindfulness. Care what type of foods you give to your body and take your body out for a walk or to dance or something else. I personally have found yoga to be my answer to lead me into taking better care of my body. That's why it is a present theme on my YouTube.


This fall has been really busy time for me. I've been filming the Sport Girl 2016 talk show and building a 10 week training program (unfortunately just in Finnish) and just submitted the last e-mail for that project last night. Along with the TV show I have been finishing my studies of radiography and radiotherapy and will be graduating in January. This year, 2015 will wrap a lot of interesting projects but also opens so many new doors and paths to explore as soon as the holidays are over.

Just wanted to write this brief what's up hello, now that my website finally has the home base again. Expect to see a lot of entries soon related to wellness, beauty and exercise. I am also planning to combine the makeup and skin care aspect of my YouTube channel to go hand in hand with the "body" and not just by creating yoga videos. Let's see what these upcoming months bring and how the Sport Girl TV show wraps up too. One of us will win and be in the cover of magazine.

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