Power Yoga sequence for Full Body toning

Poweryoga My latest yoga video is a 20-minute long power yoga sequence that focuses on your arms, core and legs. I got a requested to create a routine like that through snapchat and it has been received well. Usually the yoga videos I create are for the busy bee city girl who has too many errands to run, but needs that 5 to 10 minutes of a workout everyday to get the day started. I was surprised that people have liked my power yoga sequence so much even though it is 50% longer in duration than my other workouts. You will most likely see more videos of longer duration in the future then!

Let me break it down how this sequence tones your entire body.


  1. I included several vinyasa transitions between different poses.
  2. Chaturanga is the push-up that happens during a vinyasa, that has toned my arms more than any other pose.
  3. The Dolphin Pose hold is felt on the arms and requires calm breathing to make you stay in the pose for longer.


  1. The Navasana (Boat Pose) sequence can be felt in the abs.
  2. There is a 'play-around' time with a crow pose. You would think that pose was more of a pose that requires strong arms but actually, the foundation of the pose is in your core.
  3. When it comes to yoga, you should always try to activate your pelvic floor in every pose. Simply that means to activate your core. My yoga video for better posture includes practices for how to activate the pelvic floor.


  1. Static holds of Warrior 2, low lunges etc type of poses train the muscles.
  2. Utkatasana (The Chair Pose) and the long hold of it will make your thighs burn.
  3. Goddess pose hold + the squats in that pose have an effect on the entire leg and the glutes.

Full Body

  1. The Bridge pose that we used as a preparation for a full wheel pose, is actually a pose that requires the activation of your core, legs and back muscles and is a one of my favorite poses to do when I want a quick workout that has an effect on the entire body at once.
  2. Starting your day with a downward dog is a good stretch, and wakes up your entire body. It is a simple pose with many benefits. However this pose, as simple as it may seem, still has room for a lot of improvement.


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