A Month after new years resolutions

Locust Pose After listing all the goals and resolutions for the new year in the beginning of this month... Where are you now? Are you still with your goals? There might come a time when you are skipping your new routine so, how to keep on going? When everybody else is giving up, because it is socially acceptable by February.

If you made notes of your resolutions for 2016. Bring those notes together and take a look at them. Have you already achieved something? Are you already much closer to some of your goals? Could you add in some new details?

Take a look at the list of your resolutions and schedule weekly check-ups with yourself.

First, You need a proper planner. Get the same Planner as I have!

Draw a line for each goal and mark yourself on the line, where are you with your goal right now. For example one of my goals has been to wake up earlier. The worst I usually do is to get up at 12PM but today I was able to get up at 7AM. However I still need to stay consistent to that goal and actually make it as a daily habit and finally get up at 6AM everyday. But by checking up with myself every week like this, I can give myself positive feedback and see realistically where I am with my goals.

Weekly Check Up

I hope to be able to meditate for 40minutes before the year ends but so far I have only been able to focus 30seconds on average a a day so I am not doing very good at that. But I can see myself reading 10minutes a day so at least I have achieved something! So I don’t need to beat up myself for lacking with one goal.

Practice gratitude: At the end of your weekly check-up, do a list of things that you are thankful for or what have made you happy this week. Try to list at least 3 things but feel free to list more. If you prefer, this is something you can try to do everyday as well but you can also just focus on doing this once a week at first.

The important thing is to put this special check up on your calendar and prioritize yourself so you can improve yourself.

Also always appreciate the moment and practice positive energy for being in this moment. Being healthy and being you. Believe that anything is possible.