Summer Essentials - Kesän suosikit

Vivi magazine and my favorite summer essentials
Vivi magazine and my favorite summer essentials

The weather is finally warm and you can sense how everyone seems more carefree. I spent April and May in Palm Springs, CA. And that is the best season to be there since it is a desert. Coachella happened and a quite a few pool parties too. When I was leaving back to Helsinki on 31st May, the end of memorial weekend, everyone told me that it is now going to be a dead season for PS because it will be up to 120 degrees (47C)... and then I would respond, "yeah it is the best season for Finland! Midsummer and nightless nights!" and my friends would say "What! You planned this! You are getting best of both and leaving us here to the heat!" For my defense, I actually had to go back because my visa expired.

Lämpöä on vihdoin enemmän ja ihmisten asenteistakin huomaa, että pian on loma. Vietin huhti- ja toukokuun Kaliforniassa Palm Springseillä, joka on aavikko kaupunki. Kyseiset kuukaudet ovat parhain aika siellä oleskeluun, sillä vielä ei ole tappavan kuuma ja uima-allas bileitä on joka päivä ja olipahan Coachellankin juhlahumu siinä sivussa. Kun olin lähdössä toukokuun lopussa takaisin Helsinkiin, kaikki sanoivat, että lähden hyvään aikaan koska lämpötilat nousevat lähes 50 asteeseen kesäkuukausina ja kukaan ei tee mitään. Koko kaupaunki muuttuu kolmen kuukauden ajaksi aave kaupungiksi. Totesin vain, että joo ihanaa palata Suomeen koska juhannus ja yöttömät yöt. Ystäväni totesivat, että olenpas ollut ovela koska vietin juuri 2 parhainta kuukautta aavikolla ja nyt palaan Suomen kesään. Puolustuksekseni totesin, että visani menee kylläkin juuri umpeen, että sattumaa tämä vain. Mutta, aavikolla tai ei! Tässä ovat suosikki tuotteeni kesällä!

Desert or not! These are my favorite summer essentials!

I love Guerlian's perfumes. This Guerlian Aqua Allegoria Nerolia Bianca is described as joyful and spontaneous and I think that is what summer is all about. I also feel like it matches my personality because of the bitter scent of an orange tree, so it is not all sweet and dreamy but has the sense of adventure in it.

The Sun Screen

I use sun screen on my face all year round but the SPF needs to be higher during summer. Due to the fact that I was 2 months at the desert in Palm Springs, I was pretty much bathing in sun screen as my pale white scandinavian genetics can only take so much. I have usually used whatever drugstore sun screen but then I discovered SKIN & LAB Dr. Vita Clinic Fre-C sun protector. This is probably my favorite product out of this list of summer essentials.

I'm a huge fan of korean skin care products but this is the first time I use korean sun screen and oh boy is it good. First of all, this sun screen has a whitening effect, which I don't personally need... and I honestly don't believe in products that promise whitening. But! Since first time in years I actually developed a nice sun-kissed look on my face, after one week of using this.. It was gone!!! My face and body are now different pair, but that can be fixed with some darker foundation. So if you are looking for whitening, this is your product.

So why do I love this product so much then? I can feel it actually moisturizes my face and nourishes it. It sets really quick so I can almost instantly start doing my make up after applying it. I also think it has helped me get rid of some of my freckles but more than anything I think my complexion is very clear thanks to this product.

The Moisturizer

Caudalie Mist
Caudalie Mist

Caudalie Beauty Elixirhas a strong eucalyptus scent. My friend gave this to me and told me that he had sprayed the mist on his friend's hands who suffers from very bad eczema and that this actually started helping her. I myself have had my own battle with eczema and currently am very happy to not have it present, but hearing a story like that I instantly wanted to have this product. It truly feels refreshing to spray this mist on your face on a hot day.

And that's it! My Top 3 summer essentials. Is there any that you use? Please let me know! Oh and if you have used any of these products, please let me know about your experiences.