Valentine's Day Thoughts

Valentine's day is approaching! I recently collaborated with IVYREVEL, so that's why you can use my code: RINKAE20 to get a 20% discount from their website. Maybe that is where you will find your dream dress to wear on Valentine's day? Date or not, you should pamper yourself. I have not celebrated Valentine's day with a lover since... maybe five years? And guess what, I have survived! And so will you. So this Valentine's day, dedicate time for yourself. Take yourself on a date. Dress up. Give yourself compliments, get something nice for yourself. Chocolate, flowers etc. Finally begin a project that you have wanted to start. Start practicing for the half-marathon at last if that is your goal. Well, maybe that's not the day to do it but my point is that you should not be afraid to love yourself. You deserve the best. And I very much recommend practicing some kindness toward yourself even if you had a date or plans with bae. I usually buy a bouquet of roses for myself at least, since roses are cute and I'm totally worth it and so are you. (and they will make a great prop for your next flat-lay on Instagram!)

Last year I took one of my best friends, Paris, on a date, Ok I forced him to go on a date with me. Because he said he hates it so much and just finds it disgusting. So I go on a mission to prove him wrong. Well, we started the day with a body balance class, then went and bought every single pasha from my corner store and some pasha cake too and watched Audrey Hepburn's Roman Holiday. And he goes and updates his Facebook how he had the best Valentine's day ever. Mission accomplished. After that, we decided to go on a Audrey Hepburn movie binge and watch one in chronological order every Sunday. So ditch that "Oh, poor me" attitude if it tries to creep up on you as Feb 14th gets closer. Take yourself on a date, or spend an amazing day with your friend!