London Fashion Week 2017 in a VLOG

As my life is more than just stretching on my yoga mat with bare feet, I decided to start filming vlogs! The first one is about the London Fashion Week 2017 in February. I also open up about my skin condition when my eczema suddenly flares up. We get interviewed by the Humans of London and visit the Shri Swaminarayan Hindu Temple with my friend Maria, who was sweet enough to host me during my stay in London.

At the Hindu Temple you are asked to take your shoes off. I didn't have socks that day because I was wearing heels, so I had to walk around in bare feet, which I don't mind but just a word of caution for those who would rather walk around the cold marble floors with their socks on. Also ladies, wear pants or a long dress. I wore a short dress and was then given this cloth to wrap around myself before entering. More about it on the vlog!

Also you will see my eczema break out happen on my other eye, which gets swollen, red and just hurts. That is very minor to me as I have had years when my full body has been covered in the same stuff. So I obviously freaked out. Is it going to spread? How will I get rid of this? Well luckily, as soon as I returned back home it went down. Despite the flare up we still managed to do plenty of street style shooting which you will also see how we do it.