How to stay Motivated to your Work Out! - Miten säilyttää motivaatio

Yoga handstand adidas nike I work out 5-6 days a week but I make time for little stretching and meditation everyday. So how do I stay motivated to do it? It definitely is the hardest when you are only starting and you have to wire yourself in a new way and be motivated to committing to your work out routine. I think it all begins with a little trial and error. You might not be sure what style of fitness is for you at first either and that makes commitment a little harder.

When I finally found yoga and especially my style of yoga, it made being motivated to work out so much easier. So until then you have to try out different things and change it up every now and then.

  1. Find your thing and keep on searching I used to go to the gym more and I still join my friends sometimes but it eventually dropped out of my routine. I found it boring and it did not satisfy my personal needs. I noticed that I get the results I want with yoga mixed with some bodyweight exercises and when I am budgeting my monthly expenses, I would rather join dance class couple times a week. Some of you might know that I take ballet classes and I recently started contemporary dance so I still keep on switching it up because I know I will get bored If I don't. So if a work out still has not resonated with you, don't worry, just keep on searching! During summer I usually get the inspiration to go for a jog couple times a week but then I pause that hobby for the entire winter. The key is to let yourself do just that!
  2. Put it in your calendar As you plan your meetings, things-to-do etc. Also add the 30minute work-out there! Just like you should add your "me time" to your to-do list. You have to commit to not skipping it.
  3. Only progress to working out 5 to 6 days a week when you have first succesfully committed to 1-3 times a week. Don't push yourself too fast and always forgive yourself if you have to skip a work out. You can always return to it.
  4. Realize, that you are doing it for yourself and not anybody else. If you aren't choosing to work out for the sake of your own future and your health then the motivation will wear off soon if you are only doing it to impress your new tinder date. I think this is the most important part. Yoga especially has taught me to love myself and accept myself the way I am. So, I don't want to betray myself.

Here is how my week might look like. Just an example because I like to mix it up every now and then!

Monday 10 minutes of Yoga in the Morning 1h Contemporary Dance class in the evening

Tuesday 30-40 minutes of Yoga preferably in the AM but sometimes I'll push it to the PM

Wednesday 1h Ballet Class

Thursday Rest day

Friday 30-40 minutes of Yoga preferably in the AM but sometimes I'll push it to the PM

Saturday Rest day

Sunday 1-1.5h Yoga

Mix it up and don't forget to have fun! As soon as it is no longer fun, you might need to switch things up! If you have more tips on how to stay motivated, let me know in the comments!


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