Why I deleted the Facebook app and Social Media exhaustion

I'm not the only one writing about people experiencing social media hangover now that the smart phone isn't a toy from the future no more. I have worked for several social media projects for corporations within my own brand and even helped manage a social media company myself few years ago and on top of that, spending most of my spare time in whatever app I didn't just open 5 minutes ago... I think I am finally feeling a crash.

I deleted the facebook -app from my phone as I felt like it takes me 2 hours longer to get out of bed during my days off if I have an instant access to it. At first I was just unfollowing and unliking the content I didn't care about but oh well, facebook has an endless amount of content so the algorithms would push other interesting news and long-forgotten-friends on my feed. Obviously I can just open the safari app and go to Facebook that way but just by deleting the app, I noticed that I feel way less tempted to go there.

SnapChat and InstaStory

Snapchat getting more and more popular also got me very excited at first but I just found myself unfollowing a lot of people that I used to find interesting and I still do but... I figured that "maybe their instagram accounts are just enough..." The amount of content that I'd like to engage with... but when you just click through the snaps and see and hear nothing but the first syllable of a word, how is that beneficial to anyone? While it might seem time-saving to just click through your friends MyStory.. How about just call that friend and hear the gossips that wouldn't even be suitable for their social media presence? Ever since InstaStories started to happen I barely even open my Snapchat anymore as it's more convenient to just stay inside one app.

I haven't updated my instagram as much as before this year either and I have felt... just good enough.

But the one thing I realized was that I was actually longing for the blogging era when I first started it in 2007. It is funny how private LiveJournal entries were top secret, friends only and now everything is being shared openly. I have more pictures of myself wearing a bikini out there for everyone to see than I have read books for the past couple of years. That is a weird way to compare it but, reading more books definitely would improve the quality of my life than taking yet another selfie in that H&M bikini.

"But what if I don't update? MyStory is empty for today, my last instagram post says '2 days ago' in the corner." I let all that happen and at first I felt anxiety over it but now I am starting to feel the freedom. I feel like I can get back on track posting more regularly too. And what do I mean by that? I feel like previously my updates have happend because of the need to BE part of this social media and for the 'assumed demand'. Quality being lost.

The exhaustion of all these different ways to reach people also made me neglect my YouTube channel. At some point I just made content for the sole purpose that I was expected to be providing content. When the only one really demanding the content was the voice inside my head.

Content that matters, but to who?

I decided to take a break, and I also figured that I don't have to notify anybody about it either. That's why during 2016 I only uploaded about two videos and really had no desire to update instagram either. What really happend, was that end of 2015 I experienced a burn out and it dragged on for a year.

I want to come back with quality content. With my videos, the fact that so many people have been happy to do my 5-minute morning yoga routine and returned to do it the next morning is just something that makes me feel really happy. With the video I have actually improved somebody's quality of life. The video and audio quality aren't the best but the video itself is one of my very first ones, that I wanted to create and share because I was so excited about yoga myself and wanted to share that feeling. And I think that is what you can sense from the video too and that's why so many viewers have returned to it.

In 2017 when I finally started filming again, I had decided that the feel of mass-production can't be there. The reason why I started making videos in the beginning was because I wanted to and enjoyed it. So I told myself that I can't return to do it until I feel like I can genuinely create them again.

Has social media affected you negatively? Has it made you exhausted? Share in the comments!

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