Eating Meat again after a 1 Year of being Vegan


vegan vs carnivore I have been vegan for one year now. In September me and my boyfriend decided to switch diets for an entire week and document it all. Video of that was published early October and you might have seen it already! (Scroll down this post to click your way to it!) The idea was that he would go vegan and I would have meat.

 So I decided to take the challenge to eat meat and other animal products for a week. I would have never done this if my boyfriend hadn't agreed to go vegan for a week if I adapt his diet for the week.
Sometimes as a vegan you might have thoughts like;
"I wish I could just buy whatever when I go grocery shopping."
"I wish I wouldn't have to worry when I'm at a restaurant." "I wish the workplace/school cafeteria would have something else than rice for me."
"I miss the flavour of meat/fish/etc"
But now that I have had the access to basically eat whatever, one would think that I would feel the joy of freedom being able to not have to read labels on every product and double-guessing. Kind of the opposite has happend. Within a year I have learned to scan the store for the products I can eat, learn to cook dishes with more variety and feeling good that I actually know what I am eating and that my eating habits have a positive impact on earth and animals.
When I picked a package of meat at a grocery store, I felt guilt and mental image of a cow being slaughtered quickly flashed through my mind. When cooking the meat, I didn't find the smell very good and finally the taste of it wasn't what I remembered it to be. Also I wasn't able to digest it at all. I feel like I was carrying the same dish for three days in my stomach. I also didn't feel hungry for dinner even though it had been more than 5 hours since lunch. My stomach was still working on the meat. Also the texture of meat felt very chewy and as if I was actually biting into an living thing, feeling the muscle, tendons... And I tried chicken, pork, ham and beef.
cat tries to steal a steak
Towards the end of the week when my stomach had started to get used to digest the meat's enzymes again, I have to give credit for Ryan how amazing steak he cooked and the pulled pork sandwhich. He also no longer sees all vegetables as enemies haha. However I did not get used to having milk and it seems like I have a natural intolerance to it.
So if you ever decide to transition from being vegan into a carnivore, prepare to work for it. Just like if you were to transition into a vegan, you will eat bigger amounts of fiber for example and unless your stomach was used to that, you will have to work for the transition too.
cat steals a steak
Simply, eating meat again is not making me feel very good or happy. What surprised me is that it made me feel more compassionate about my vegan diet. I got this new burst of inspiration to try cooking new vegan dishes and being true to my values. And now if I have a meat craving ever, I know that it will only lead into a disappointment. It is a false memory of old eating habits that I was accustomed to.
The fact that no animal had to suffer for what is on my plate, to keep me alive, is what makes me happy and grateful. That's why I eat vegan.