How I prepare for a long Flight


Holiday season is upon us and many of us will be taking the plane to our next destination! I also just got back from Los Angeles, California. So how did I plan to spend that +11 hours up in the air?

Vuoden viimeinen kuukausi ja lomasesonki on taas aivan ovella ja moni matkustaa juuri tuona aikana lentäen. Itsekin menin vajaan parin viikon ajaksi Kaliforniaan, joten +11 tunnin lento juuri takana!


Always right before travelling I love to go to pinterest for some 'airport fashion' inspo. Couple weeks ago all the Victoria's Secret Angels took off to Shanghai so I've been scrolling through their instagrams for the best comfy yet fashionable outfit choices. Loose-fit pants and shirt are a must but then also some warm socks and slippers. Definitely don't forget the slippers if you are planning on walking around the plane without shoes on.

Fashion tips aside the most important thing during a long haul is to avoid dehydration inside and outside.

  1. WATERI prepare with 1 L of water per every 4 hours that I am up in the air. So for a 8 h flight I would buy two litres of water to drink during the flight. That might sound a lot but it is very dry up there and the recycled air in an airplane isn't the best for your skin and even if you were to use the nicest creams it is equally important to hydrate from inside. Also haven't tried this but I'm concinved to one day get my hands on a marshmallow root and see if it really helps with inflammation when mixed with water!
  2.  SKIN CAREI use two sheet mask during a flight that is over 8 hours. One mask about 3hours in and then the second one about 2 hours before landing. At the tax/duty free at the airport I remove my makeup and then apply eye cream, emulsion and face cream. Then I bring a face oil and a moisturizing serum with me to the plane that I will use to touch up my skin with. I also bring a sesame oil with me to put on my nostrils as I'm very prone to nose bleeds the more dry the air is so that's how I avoid that.
  3. FOODIf you can I would altogether just fast through an entire flight and during shorter flights I always try to. Your body doesn't digest properly when so up high so try to eat foods that are easy to digest if you must so you can avoid the bloat when back on the ground. Make sure to inform the airline 24hours in advance if you have a special diet so they can bring you a correct meal if you plan on eating. Ayurvedic herb triphala could be taken to help your digestion.
  4. BREATHIf you are familiar with pranayama techniques like ujjayi and nadi sodhana you can practice those during the flight. Nadi sodhana is helpful if you feel congested. However, don't do too much pranayama. You aren't breathing quality air after all. Meditate instead to feel calm. Download a track of yoga nidra (yogic sleep) to help you try to fall asleep on the plane. I had this one track of 1 hour yoga nidra on my phone and it certainly helped me to get some shut-eye and feel energized when landing. And if you are into essential oils, lavender is good for it's calming effects.


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