Importance of Reflecting Back and Believing in Your Dreams in 2018

pidgeon pose
pidgeon pose

As 2017 is being wrapped up and everyone slows down during the last two weeks for a bit before the next year, it is the perfect time for reflecting back to the last year. Setting new goals for the next year and trying the remember what goals did you set for this year. The importance of living in the moment, not looking back or too far in the future as you try to find peace in the day-to-day life is a necessity in today's fast paced lifestyle.

You should slow down not just between Christmas and NYE, you should also try to find the time to reflect back on your life every now and then. Having a little one-on-one with yourself. I had the time to do that maybe just once this year, or more like remembered to do so... and I can feel that in my stress levels. Making a cup of tea for yourself, maybe writing your thoughts on a piece of paper while listening to your favorite songs or just enjoying the silence, and just thinking back. Where am I now, am I where I want to be and what can I change right now? Just checking up on yourself. I certainly will try to set an appointment with myself next year at least once a month to see how am I doing. Not just how my business is doing, but am I happy with my fitness routine, diet and what about my mental health?

So how was 2017 for me?

A new beginning in so many ways. A lot of traveling for sure! London for the Fashion Week in February. Going to Iceland for the first time and snorkeling between the continental plates at Silfra and flying out to Bali the next day. I spent the entire April in Bali completing my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Three years ago I told myself that I shouldn't apply for an YTT until I have done yoga for 10-years but in 2016 November it just hit me out of nowhere that Now is the time to apply. There just was no question. My finances and work situation allowed it and I even ended up finding a good deal on the flights. So 6-months later after my application I am in a taxi heading to Ubud, Bali  from the airport to deepen my yoga practice, meditation practice and my entire life in a way that changed me as a person.


I went to Mykonos, Greece for my birthday in May with my two best friends for a few days and then got back and started applying for yoga teaching jobs. I set up my own business and became an entrepreneur in health and wellness and somehow I am also getting castings, and then also being cast in several TV-commercials, short films and then ending up getting my first acting role in Punk'd Suomi for 5 episodes total. Some minor and some bigger. Just yesterday I was in a casting for a lead female in a short film. First time casting for a lead. And something just makes me wonder.. How!?

My roommate in Bali, a girl from Norway, who I find so inspiring, made me trust my inner self more. During breakfast one day she is telling me something that happend to her which was something very lucky. I then say "That is such a nice coincidence!" and she pauses and looks at me with a very warm and gentle eyes, "I don't believe in coincidences." And she then smiles softly. Ever since that moment I started collecting a lot of 'lucky coincidences' and each time her words resonated in my head. What if these really aren't coincidences, what if I am actually on a right path and this is how things should go? What if I just let go and allow my life to unfold itself.

My first acting role casting was "a coincidence" one would say. Punk'd Suomi, a show where local celebrities are pranked, is looking for a yoga teacher with a little bit of an acting experience to be on the show for one episode. I get cast for that role. That particular episode was never filmed due to change of plans but I was asked for a different role, and then a week later for another. Without the yoga teacher aspect I might've never gotten the other roles.

I'm writing all this because acting and performing has been my dream since forever and the way I feel after every casting and audition I have been to so far has always made me feel so alive. Even if I hadn't gotten the role. I just always thought that it is not for me, blocking the opportunity just with that thought pattern. Until I allowed myself to dream about it, and then reach towards it. I'm starting small but who knows what have I accomplished in a year from now.

The best you can do in this world, the best way you can be of service for this universe, is to do what you love.

That's why reflecting back and pausing for a moment to see where you are at is important. We all have bills to pay and my yoga teaching jobs can barely pay my rent at the moment but now that I have allowed my dreams to be free of restriction, I've begun to see more opportunities. So please, believe in your dreams and go for them. Even if at first just 5% of your week consisted of them, you will end up increasing your happiness. And when your happiness increases, you change the energy around yourself and you have an impact on everybody else in your life.


I am not happy 100% of the time, nobody is. There is no growth if nothing ever changes. Matter of fact this is also the first year that I have struggled with very bad panic attacks and depression. I'm starting to be ok with the panic attacks but the depression is a whole new realization for me. Yet it doesn't have to define me. This is a whole different lengthy topic. In Finnish we have a saying that 'Life is not always dancing on the roses' which means that you can't always be in this box of happiness and everything always goes well. I like to repeat that saying to myself, but then also, I like to look for the chance to dance.

So let yourself dance.

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