30 Day Yoga Challenge!


To start the new year the right way I have created a 30 Day Yoga Challenge with a 5-minute yoga video for each day starting on January 2nd. I'm sharing some tips below for a safe home yoga practice and why am I creating a challenge with just 5-minute long videos.

My most popular video on YouTube is a 5-minute long morning yoga practice so I thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice if I made it into a challenge? The idea is that when you start your day with just five minutes of yoga, you will eventually do more. Maybe not right away but it will certainly motivate you to build a habit of working out if you stick to the 30 day challenge. I would recommend doing the five minutes to start your day, or during day time but you are welcome to also use it as something to end your day. Another good idea is to use it as a warm-up for your gym workout or running for example.

This challenge is perfect for beginners as it introduces a few new things about yoga asanas to you everyday and then building up the practice from there. This challenge will also help you get more comfortable with a daily home practice. I do recommend going to an actual yoga class where the teacher instructs you and checks that you are safe but as soon as you feel it, you should begin a home practice.


And here is some tips how to safely maintain a home practice.

1. "No Pain No Gain" does not apply here.

If you ever feel pain while doing yoga, you should stop and slow down. Where is that pain coming from? Do you have an injury in that area of pain? If your knees are sensitive for example, you should look into modifying your poses. Yoga poses require focus, durability and strength so a little discomfort in some of the poses is going to be there until your body gets used to the asanas.During a lot of stretching poses you will feel healthy discomfort of the muscles lengthening  but any sharp or pinching pain is not good.

2. Go Slow

If you are just starting a yoga practice you should observe and go slow whenever a new pose is introduced. Watch the daily video first and see what is going on so you might be able to follow better through the poses that you are not yet familiar with since your brain already scanned it all once.


3. Breath

It will take a while to learn how to breath correctly during your practice. Focusing on your breath will be worth it and guide you through your practice. The first sign that you are going too far is when you stop breathing or it becomes shallow. That's your sign to back off and maybe enter the pose in a different way or don't go as far. If you are not able to breath in a certain pose, you are not ready for it.

4. Have fun!

Don't stress about your alignment or the practice itself. (Unless it hurts!) You will get better everyday. Internet is full of tips for each and every pose so do your research if you are uncertain. During the challenge you will be introduced to yoga and learn more about yourself, so don't be too hard on yourself. Stay curious and have fun!

5. Practice daily!

The 30 Day Challenge is here to help you form a habit of a daily practice and keep you motivated to work out. You will eventually find your own style and path but this challenge is the perfect way to try things out!