Herbal remedy for Eczema

All my life I have suffered from eczema on and off. Finally I have started to find out the root causes of it and am able to maintain it with my diet. So today I want to share one of the key ingredients that helps me with my eczema. So let's talk about nettles and herbal infusions. I can go more into detail about my eczema in a different post but for now I would just like to share something that truly helps my skin and health all together. So let's get to the good stuff, how to literally heal eczema overnight.

I learned about Herbal Infusions from a herbalist Susun Weed and she has so much knowledge I recommend checking her out. The first one I tried was a nettle infusion and I noticed my skin clearing up after two weeks of drinking it everyday. So what is an infusion? Herbal infusions are made from herbs steeped with hot water overnight (or just a long period of time). The water absorbs the minerals and vitamins from the herbs and then delivers it to our bodies better than vitamin capsules. The reason I chose nettle as my first experiment was because of my on-going battle with skin issues. Nettle is also great for adrenals, kidneys and immunity which all contribute to your skin's wellbeing as well. 


Right before bed I've been making this nettle infusion into a about 750ml bottle, with two big tablespoons of dried nettle. After sitting overnight in the glass bottle it is ready in the morning after you strain the dried nettle out of it. I sip on this mix all day and when it is about half gone, I add just extra water in again. The infusion needs to be consumed within 36 hours. But if you simply forget, just give it to your house plant. My ficus tree seems to enjoy it at least. 


  • Choose a bottle/container that doesn't break when heated
  • Add 2 heaping tablespoons of nettle in a 500ml / 16 oz container
  • Close it and let the infusion steep for 4+ hours or overnight
  • Strain the infusion through a tea strainer into your cup

I use a regular strainer sometimes as well but a smaller tea strainer just catches all the remaining nettle pieces way better. You should see results after 2-3 weeks of drinking it daily, then you can start making it 3-4 times a week after the healing has already mostly happened.